Welcome to Integration Coaching

Embrace your leadership

As a leader, you know the stakes are high in leading your team to success. You must be confident, encouraging, and able to create a healthy atmosphere your team can feel comfortable and accepted in – a space where they can grow. But often, there are personal barriers standing in the way of us being able to realize our full potential.

Professional development

It’s not about telling you what to do, or what new, trendy idea you should follow. Our objective is to provide you with a coaching experience that will eliminate the limiting beliefs that handcuffs you and or your team.

Dedicated Support

Integration Coaching is Patrick Rivard, a Certified Integration Coach who is passionate about helping clients reach their highest potential. Through Patrick’s extensive experience mentoring for a number of organizations, he’s helped countless individuals unlock their full potential – both personally and professionally! Coaching can happen online and in real time.


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